Are Infrared Saunas Really For Everybody? Let’s Find Out.

We already know the vast benefits of infrared saunas including “slowing down aging, making your skin more supple, improving heart health, boosting gym performance, and removing toxins from your body.” Isn’t it amazing that NAO brings in so many different people – varying from gender, age range, and professions.. that’s because saunas will benefit EVERYONE! An article, ‘Everything You Need to Know About Infrared Saunas,’ published by Alex Fergus, proves just that with some examples of different types of people and just how they can benefit from our service.
1) The Gen X
The article states, “As a mom who uses lots of cosmetics, your toxic burden is going to be higher. Infrared saunas are a perfect way to help detox these chemicals.” This might not be your only source of exposure as a Gen X. Products you are using in your house, such as cleaning products, laundry detergent, dish soap, and so much more also contribute. A fact is stated that indoor air pollutant levels are actually higher than outdoors. Even where NAO is located in the heart of New York City. Due to the time we live in, it’s almost necessary to detox. Also shout out to all our products at NAO for being clean!
2) The Millennial

Why would a younger person need to infrared sauna if they have fewer toxins in their body and are also better able to remove them? The answer: It’s a great way expose your body to heat. This exposure will improve endurance, workout recovery, mental state, and skin quality.


3) Generation Y
Thinking infrared saunas are too hot for older generations? Think again. “If an elderly person has trouble walking, and in lots of pain preventing with moving, a sauna will give a great workout.” Their heart has to work hard in a sauna, and pain actually decreases with repeated use. While their heart is working hard in a sauna, pain will decrease with repeated use. Alternating between a sauna session and a long walk the next day is a great balance for their bodies.
Benefits for EVERYBODY

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