The NAO Accountability Program

Do you wish you had access to a zero judgement wellness program where you checked in everyday to release that which doesn't serve you and gain tools to create long term, lasting change you want? 

Do you feel disconnected with yourself and overwhelmed at the idea of where to start implementing new habits that serve your goals?

If you answered yes, then I have something that might help you: The NAO Accountability Program.

A daily email exchange where you lay out everything that’s on your mind and causes you stress, and then I respond with tangible, personalized tools grounded in your specific needs to work through it and overcome it with a daily dose of my love and support.

When you sign up, I will become your daily accountability partner guiding you to days filled with balance and peace during this stressful time of year. You have so many tools within you to find that inner peace, but with so much outside noise, it can be hard to connect to them. Even with the best-laid intentions, meaningful change is hard; in fact, it is almost statistically impossible, without the right tools and support!

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You feel like you need a daily wellness check in to guide you through this anxiety inducing time
  • You want to feel grounded, stabilized, focused and purposeful again
  • You feel disconnected with yourself and need a coach to guide you back to your path of self
  • You want to create better habits and feel less stressed in your daily life
  • You feel like you have no one to turn to during this time of increased isolation
  • You wish to be a more productive

What is included in the Accountability Program:

  • The consistent accountability and support you crave to create the positive habits you aspire to and eliminate the negative habits that are holding you back. 
  • Daily email communication centering around you and your needs. Think of it as daily therapy and coaching to get you to a place of clarity. 
  • A safe space to get it all out with zero judgement from me. I will be your biggest cheerleader and trusted confidant answering your nutrition and wellness questions and providing you with valuable insight and positive affirmations to create the long term change you desire. 
  • Sustainable, meaningful life shifts that will last, as fueled by incomparable mentorship, wisdom-sharing, and responsiveness. 
  • Daily support and assistance with your daily challenges i.e: eating disorder recovery, anxiety, wholesome cooking tips, mindfulness, self care tips, etc. 
  • Motivation and accountability to add structure into your personal life. 
  • A new daily habit that is both for the mind and the soul’s benefit. 
  • A daily grounding tool to reconnect you with your core values and wants 
  • A leveled up daily journal entry that you gain guidance from. 
  • Virtual access that fits into your life and schedule. 
  • Automatic entrance into a raffle to win a support and accountability program with me this holiday season.
  • Plus, access to an online community through a private Facebook page to engage with others in this program.

If you're ready to learn more about what a customized journey could do for you, contact us to schedule your FREE 10 Minute Discovery Call.

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