5 Ways to Upgrade Your Sauna Experience

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Your experience here at NAO means the world to us and we are constantly thinking of ways to further individualize your journey with us. With this article we can’t wait to share 5 ways to upgrade your sauna experience here at NAO from when you step in our doors right until you step out.


Mineral Drops

As our infrared saunas heat your body from the inside out allowing your lymph tissue to release toxins and heavy metals replenishing your body is key. Before your service, we will offer water or tea during your experience along with the option of adding a couple of drops of our ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops. These drops contain over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals to replenish what we are missing in our bodies.


Dry Brushes

Did you know you can not only purchase a dry brush at NAO but also store it here to have before your appointments? While our infrared sauna provides an endless amount of benefits, dry brushing can increase these even more. To learn more about dry brushing and it benefits be sure to check out one of our favorite articles from Wake Up World here.



Have you ever had the time to look through the little booklet in the sauna rooms before? If not, please do next time! Flipping through you can explore the benefits of chromotherapy or color light therapy. When coupled with the benefits of infrared sauna, this therapy has been known to evoke the sense and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Our light offers many colors and all of its benefits can be found. For example, red light therapy has been known to increase energy, ignite passions, while green light therapy is known to balance our energy and universally heal. What color therapy will you choose next time?


Our Speakers

Take advantage of our speakers inside the saunas to put on a podcast, a favorite playlist, or soothing sounds of nature. Our heat-protected cubby will keep your phone safe as you get to relax your mind to what sounds right.


Our Shelves

After your sweat cool off by taking a peek at our favorite products to the right of the front desk. These hand-picked non-toxic products range from Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixirs and coffee to keep us warm through winter to organic skincare from Intelligence Nutrients that you are free to sample to lock in the glow. Finish up your experience by grabbing a Crunch Superfood Bar and a pack of Further Food Collagen Peptides on your way out.

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