Why Hydration?

We all know hydration is necessary, but do we really know why? Read on to find out why we’re always encouraged to get our daily dose! 


What makes hydration so important? 

Your body is made up of 60% of water, so it is essential to drink as many fluids as possible throughout the day. If your body loses a large amount of water, you can become severely dehydrated. In short, lack of hydration = lack of an essential part of your wellbeing! Symptoms of dehydration are thirst, not sweating, headaches, and urinating less. It’s commonly believed that when you begin feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, so drink up! 


Hydrating your body is so beneficial, and here’s why:

5 Benefits of Hydration

1. Water improves your complexion

The first benefit of drinking water is that it improves your skin! If you’re prone to getting acne, then drinking water might help correct it. Water flushes out the toxins that have accumulated in your body, which may attribute to your acne in the first place.


2. It wakes you up! 

Drinking water will wake you up for that zoom meeting you’re already late for. Water keeps your body at optimal blood pressure and helps the heart pump oxygen throughout your body. In turn, you feel more energized and ready to tackle your day. 


3. Water helps you to digest

Hydration is essential for digestion. While chewing, water helps soften food. This creates a fluid environment where digestive enzymes can more efficiently break down meals


4. Maintain homeostasis 

Water helps you maintain constant body temperature, so you don’t get too hot or too cold. If you do end up getting too warm, your body will use fluids and sweat to cool you off. 


5. Reduces pain 

Water keeps your joints lubricated. Staying adequately hydrated allows for reduced inflammation and less joint pain.


Who knew water could do so much?



Ways to prevent dehydration

Causes of dehydration can be heat, illness, and simply not drinking enough water. Here are some tips for preventing dehydration before it even occurs! The first thing you want to do is avoid sugary drinks such as soda, as they don’t help you rehydrate quickly. You also want to avoid drinking alcohol and coffee, as again, both drinks prevent you from hydrating your body well. 


Obviously, drinking water is the one thing that can help you stay hydrated. But how do you remind yourself to get your daily 64 oz.? One thing you can do is start bringing a water bottle with you everywhere so that you always have hydration on hand. You can also add some excitement by naturally sweetening your H2O with fruits! Additionally, you can start eating more fruits and vegetables such a watermelon, cucumber, or oranges. These foods have high water content, so they will help you to rehydrate you while you munch. 


If you’re looking for a powerful hydration reboot, IV therapy can help. IV drips deliver hydration and nutrients directly to your bloodstream, meaning you can replenish your fluids fast. IV serves a solid groundwork for resetting your H2O levels – making it easier to carry out the steps above. 


How are you staying hydrated this summer? 

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