Ear Seed Kits

Do you feel a craving to calm the mind and spirit? To alleviate stress and anxiety from your daily life? Are you ready to take back your health and wellness?

Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ear Seeds are adhesive seeds placed on specific acupressure points on the ear to address symptoms and areas of the physical and emotional body.

Health alignments Ear Seeds can help include anxiety, depression, fertility issues, insomnia, back pain, restlessness, headaches, hormone balance, digestion, compulsive behaviors, allergies, weight loss, addiction, promote relaxation, peace of mind, and a sense of balance.

Become your own healer in less than 5
minutes with 3 simple steps

1. Pick your points

With these free downloadable resources, you can pick what health alignment you want to focus on and pick your points from there. We recommend choosing 4-5 points per ear and applying the same points on each ear.

2. Apply your ear seeds

3. You did it!

In less than 5 minutes you’ve become your own healer. Shower, swim, and carry on with your normal activities with the ear seeds for 3-5 days. Scroll down to our FAQs if you have any other questions.


Kit comes with either 20 or 40 seeds of your choice, tutorial on how to apply, and every healing remedy so you can easily be your own healer in 5 minutes. Scroll up to learn to place your ear seeds in 3 simple steps. 

It may take a couple tries to get the hang of it. Don't worry if you don't get the point exactly right and do the best you can based off of our free resources.

After 3-5 days, peel the adhesive off from the ears and wash the ears thoroughly. Let the ears breathe for 6-8 hours before applying new seeds.

If you purchase the 20 PC kit, that will allow for around 4-5 uses. The 40 PC kit will allow for 8-10 uses.

Yes, continue to swim, shower, and sweat normally with your Ear Seeds. Make sure you pat dry and press down on them lightly once a day.

Ear seeds are safe, non-invasive, needle-less, and can be integrated with other treatments. You should not feel any serious pain or discomfort. If you do take off the seeds immediately.

Yes! Please email info@naowellness.com for more information.

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