When Dreams Become A Reality: My Entrepreneur Story About Never Giving Up

Years ago, when I was working from my apartment, I dreamt about a peaceful, non-intimidating, inclusive wellness oasis in the city where EVERYONE was welcome.


I started envisioning the location. I lived in the West Village, so that was a no-brainer. I needed enough space for all that we were going to offer. But NY real estate is no joke. And I come from nothing. No financial backing. No family money. So I had NO idea how I was actually going to do this.


Rather than give up, I started envisioning the space like it was a game. I got clear on my vision, and for fun I would go seeking spaces, possibilities, real estate listings, etc. The worst that could happen was that it didn’t happen right away. But I knew one day it would. So I engaged my dreams without the fears and pressure of it not happening. My subconscious wildly imagined all that it could be.


I started visiting spaces with a real estate agent. The agent kept showing me locations in Nomad saying “A place like you envision, within your budget doesn’t exist, this is as good as it’s gonna get.”


But I wasn’t backing down. I wasn’t going to settle just because that was the easy thing to do. We finally found the ground floor of a townhouse in the West Village on 12th street. I walked in and immediately knew this was the place.


I met with the family that owns the building and pitched my dream with all of my passion and purpose. To them, I was not a guaranteed success, but I knew that if they took the chance on me, I would bring in business and profit. With my selling pitch, they offered me the space. Everything was aligning.


It was hard, but I was relentless in the pursuit of making my dreams a reality. If I can do it, YOU can too! Take off the pressure of expectation and time limit and freely envision your wildest dreams! One action step after another, and your dreams will start to become a reality! ✨✨


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