Refer this Healing Product and Make $5K Passive Income

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Refer this Healing Product and Make $5K Passive Income


When I experienced the incredible power of Ear Seeds in my own life, and for my child’s life, I knew I had to find a way to share it with everyone in a way that benefited their health and the health of their work. Yet with such a massive goal, I knew I couldn’t accomplish it alone.


After creating NAO Wellness Ear Seed Kits, our new Product line, I took it a step further and created an entire online education system that shows you how to incorporate Ear Seeds into your practice, your business, and your personal life step-by-step, making this dream passive income stream a reality.


Whether you are a Wholesaler, Affiliate, or both, you don’t have to craft newsletters and social copy from scratch, write out all the instructions, nor do the “heavy lifting” when it comes to sharing a product you love.  I’ve done all that for you so that you can earn $5K passive income (or more) and help people in the process.  


In order to accomplish that, I joined Faire!  Faire provides a simple Wholesale experience where you receive $100-200 worth of free Ear Seed product, free shipping for a year, and NO strings attached. (As of November 2021 they are offering $200 so take advantage while that’s available!). Being a Wholesaler, you also get 60% profit and peace of mind knowing the logistics of selling a product are handled for you.  At the $200 offer, that’s around 13-15  FREE kits with the potential to make $420 passive cash at no cost to you!


If you are someone who doesn’t desire to have a Wholesale account and would prefer to make passive income simply sharing, you can still benefit as an NAO Wellness Ear Seed Affiliate, earning 15% on each and every sale you make with your own personalized code.  


Perhaps you want to go the route of Faire in order to try before you buy!  The great news is there are NO strings attached, which is another reason I love it.  As an entrepreneur, I know how stressful those accounts can be and end up costing you money before you even make the passive income you desire!


Seeing how powerful, affordable, fashionable, and healing these little seeds are as a supplement to my clients’ health journey has been remarkable, and a gift that keeps on giving back to the community.  They are growing in popularity too – NAO Ear Seeds have been featured in Refinery29, More, Good Morning America  Harper’s Bazaar, E News Women’s Health,  Instyle and recently yahoo!life.


passive income


If you are ready to dive in as a Wholesaler/Affiliate, follow these simple steps:


Step 1. Set up your Faire account in minutes.

Step 2. Place your order if you haven’t experienced the Seeds in your own life!

Step 3. Start educating yourself and your clients on the tremendous benefits of Ear Seeds.


Step 1. Contact us to get set up with an affiliate code to track

Step 2. Place your order if you haven’t experienced the Seeds in your own life!

Step 3. Start educating yourself and your clients on the tremendous benefits of Ear Seeds.

To jump-start your understanding and answer initial questions you may have, here are some FAQs about why you should start sharing Ear Seeds immediately for the benefit of all:

What are Ear seeds? 

Ear seeds are adhesive seeds placed on specific acupressure points on the ears to address areas of physical and emotional health.  Also called Auriculotherapy or “Ear Therapy”.  (This link takes you to studies that have been done on Auriculotherapy on health conditions).


Who can Ear seeds benefit?


That’s the best part – truly everyone can benefit from ear seeds.  Ear seeds positively impact those struggling with insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, PMS, pain, addiction, headaches, vertigo, low libido, motion sickness, eating disorders, and can positively influence weight loss, fertility, focus, memory, the immune system, gut health, skin health, allergies, and more!  


What does a kit come with?  


Kits come with either 20 or 40 seeds of your choice (Silver Stainless Steel, 24-Carat Gold, or Swarovski Crystals), a tutorial on how to apply them, and digital healing remedy maps so you can easily be your own healer in 5 minutes. Placement is done in 3 simple steps.

passive income

How long can Ear Seeds be left on for? They last about 3-5 days.  Then we recommend waiting a few days before re-applying.


Check out more education on our site here!


Creating this “win/win” experience for business owners, wholesalers, affiliates, and clients alike has been a dream come true.  Ear Seeds are the new way to ship wellness to everyone’s door and will enhance your ability to help others like you’ve never experienced before. 


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