BIG NEWS: I closed the NAO Wellness Brick-and-Mortar

BIG NEWS: I closed the NAO Wellness Brick-and-Mortar


I couldn’t share about this for so long and the wait is finally over.  


It took a year for everything to finally clear, but closing the space was the best decision and one I am forever grateful for.


Of course, I’ll miss having the infrared sauna services, chiropractic, and reiki healing sessions we provided, as well as the gorgeous, healing energy of the space. I’m so proud of the very successful 4 years we had there.  We built it from the ground up, out of pocket with NO financial support, and still managed to pay off our loan in only 8 months! For this type of real estate in Manhattan that was truly a feat in and of itself!  

Yet the minute I moved out…I felt a sense of lightness and freedom I hadn’t felt in a while.  It was so empowering.  Closing the space opened up a well of creativity in me and I’m now building an even bigger empire.  


We’re growing our team and focusing our energies on supporting a broader audience than ever before.  We have new office space at City Wellness Collective to continue powerful in-person sessions and workshops for those who need it! I’m offering Corporate Wellness step-by-step health education for employees to create their happiest, healthiest selves, both in-person and remotely. 


We even created our very first product, NAO Wellness Ear Seed Kits which are already exploding!  FINALLY, a wellness modality that offers affordable, fashionable, and pain-free healing in one simple kit.  Now everyone can be their own healer in 5 minutes.  

I’m also teaching other healing providers how to incorporate this incredible asset into their practice to see HUGE results for their clients and their business, creating a ripple effect of positive change.  And of course, we continue coaching individuals, couples, and families craving health guidance from anywhere in the country, the backbone of how NAO all began.  


I not only survived the struggles of the Pandemic; I thrived amidst the chaos.  But to struggle is human.  I’m here to help others feel less alone, whether you are struggling with an Eating Disorder, trying to educate yourself on how to feel your best, or being a business owner wanting to make your mark on the world.  I can say firsthand that my greatest moments to date have been letting go of fear and opening myself up to the world of possibilities around me, ever-present and showing me the way.


Do you want to know the gory deets of being a brick-and-mortar business owner in New York City?  Now that it’s closed, I can tell every juicy story that happened behind the scenes that I couldn’t before.  From finding the space of my dreams, to my epic, wild, chaotic, and life-changing experience selling a product that I love resulting in jail time, stalkers, and people seeking to put NAO out of business.  All of these experiences provided the intense heat and pressure that turned NAO into an even brighter diamond, and I cannot wait to share.


While so much has changed and pivoted in my personal and professional life, my mission remains constant and unstoppable: to support everyone to actualize their greatest well-being possible. Stay tuned to discover everything I’ve learned, and all the incredible opportunities we have in store for you. 

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