How To Beat Your Witching Hour

Do you have a witchy hour 🧙‍♀️?

Some afternoons, I enter this twilight zone where my energy plummets, my creativity and productivity become foggy, and I crave snacks. I call this the “witching hour.” I don’t feel like myself when I’m in it because I can obsess over whatever it is I’m craving rather than being in the moment.


Get Some Fresh Air
Rather than succumb to this pesky afternoon fog, I have a tools that help bring me back to presence with myself and my body…
My number one tool is getting out of the house. I bundle up, take a walk around the block and allow my mind to “thaw out” and get back to a state of balance before going back home. The fresh air resets my mind and dissipates the temptations.


Box Breathing
I also practice box breathing. It heightens performance and concentration while also being a powerful stress reliever. To do it, breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, release it for 4 seconds and then hold for another 4 seconds. Repeat four times in one sitting. Your nervous system will immediately feel calmed due to all the oxygen being transported into your blood.


Set a Timer
Another tool I use is setting a timer for 15 minutes and telling myself that if I still want the food, or whatever it is, after the timer is up, I will give myself permission to enjoy it. I know that feelings always pass if we allow them to and the food that I want badly will always be there.


Give Yourself a Break
What I always try to do is get in touch with whatever is underneath my feelings and cravings. I ask what my body is asking for. Sometimes it’s a break from work, a virtual hug (call a friend), punching a pillow while screaming or even a cathartic cry. Whatever it is, my body and mind are trying to communicate with me through these cravings. If I remain aware of that, then as the witching hour appears, I’m able to dispel the annoying feelings, give myself what I need to return to a calm state and mindfully move on.

What tools help you overcome the witching hour? Comment below!

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