Healing with Ear Seeds at Home

Ear Seeds

Do you feel a craving to calm the mind and spirit? To alleviate stress and anxiety from your daily life? Are you ready to take back your health and wellness?


In the wake of our brick-and-mortar closing during the pandemic and fear of the unknown, I began to feel overwhelmed and uncertain. Bills were piling up when I’d check the mail, and overnight I became a homeschooling Mama to a toddler given all the closures and constant mandate changes. I had to, quite literally, craft her schooling plans myself, which felt like a second full-time job. This stress has been unlike any other in history for every child and adult to cope with.

That’s when I turned to Ear Seeding


My five minutes of peeling and pressing soon became an at-home wellness ritual that allowed my body and mind to find calm.  Since Ear Seeds are safe for children, I included my toddler and she too began feeling much-needed relief.  I started doing videos of myself using them, posting about them on IG to get the word out.  To my amazement, I got over 50 DMs from people in urgent need.


I knew I had to make them easily accessible so that everyone could benefit from this healing modality, so that’s when I created NAO Wellness Ear Seed Kits, allowing you to be your own wellness expert from home.  


So what are Ear Seeds?  Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, this pain-free form of acupuncture (also known as Auriculotherapy) places adhesive beads on specific acupressure points on the ear to address symptoms of the physical and emotional body.  Not only are they healing, but beautiful. Our product is available in 24K Gold, Silver Stainless Steel, and Swarovski Crystals for that extra sparkle in your life.

With a variety of different options, our kits are shipped to your door and ready to target health ailments such as anxiety, depression, sleep issues, hormone imbalance, digestion, allergies, weight loss, addiction, and so much more!  This is one of the most affordable, powerful, practical, and simultaneously fashionable wellness products I’ve come across in a long time.  We provide you with the tools and resources you need so you can peel, press, and get instant relief.  


Bring your body into balance with NAO Wellness’s Ear Seeds today!  Click here to start healing from home. 

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