Ear Seeds: Your Secret Weight Loss Tool

weight loss

It’s THE most sought-after goal for 99% of clients who seek our support.  Yet weight loss is not as simple as calories in vs. calories out and is many times the byproduct of a deeper root cause.


Stress affects our metabolism and ability to lose weight, as well as gut health, sleep, hydration status, and movement routine.  Other imbalances can also impact our ability to lose/maintain a healthy weight such as autoimmune conditions, thyroid issues, environmental toxins, and hormonal irregularities.  


While we help our clients conquer these imbalances to achieve their ideal, healthy weight and feel their best, it doesn’t hurt to get an extra boost of support when you are beginning the journey of diet and lifestyle change. 


That’s where Ear Seeds have become our go-to add-on for a “secret weight loss boost” you probably didn’t know exists. 




In Traditional Chinese Medicine, specific acupuncture points all over the body fall on meridians that connect to specific organs, functions, and the nervous system.  While we love acupuncture, not everyone has the time, accessibility, insurance, or funds to access this ancient healing modality, and some prefer to avoid needles altogether (we feel you.)


That’s why we LOVE using Ear Seeds on specific points on the ear to stimulate the brain, mouth, stomach, small intestines, spleen, endocrine, and thyroid gland, while simultaneously helping balance appetite and relieving symptoms of stress that can throw the body’s natural metabolic functions out of whack. 


Imagine that – you get to walk around with Ear Seeds made from sparkling Swarovski crystals, Silver Stainless Steel, or 24-karat Gold while, unbeknownst to anyone, you are simultaneously relaxing the body and supporting weight loss.  

Here’s a diagram sharing those exact points of relief and how they function to support you. 

A. Shen Men – Found in Traditional Chinese Medicine to link to the cerebral cortex.  This point is believed to calm the mind and spirit and to alleviate stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

B. Small intestine – Used for indigestion and bloating.

C. & D. Stomach & Mouth – Found to help alleviate cravings to eat, impulsive eating, and eating disorders.

E. Appetite control – For the purpose of reducing food cravings, appetite, and overeating.

F. Spleen – Place on the left ear only.  This point has been found in Chinese medicine to strengthen digestion.

G. Antidepressant – For mood eating.

          H. Thyroid gland – For slow metabolism.

          I. Endocrine – For water retention and hormone imbalances.


Knowing everything these Ear Seeds can do, it would be a crime not to share how much they can support you in so many areas of your health, including healthy weight goals.  Check out all your options and additional information here.

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