Bring Nutrition to College with JP!

Juice Press Bowl

Are you headed back to school?

Picture this:

You’re a full time student working hard to learn and improve your memory. You have bounds of energy and consistently get a good night’s sleep. And, perhaps most importantly, you’ve gotten into the groove of making fulfilling and nutritious meals since coming to campus.

Juice Press Bowl

You spend copious amounts of your time and energy on studying, but hunger creeps up on you. It’s tempting to grab something that is quick and easy. Unfortunately, on campus it’s likely fast food, vending machine snacks, or nutrient-deficient food masquerading as healthy. These options leave you feeling unsatisfied and tired.  

JP offers Nationwide Shipping for all the healthy options you need to set yourself (or your child) up for success. Think of this as a a checkmark for Nutrition on your packing list!

JP brings what you need most: foods that leave you feeling focused, energized, and happy right to your door, while providing seamless digestion without gas, bloating, or reflux that can weigh you down literally and figuratively. I’m here to prove to you that eating what your mind and body need is much easier and more delicious than you thought! It’s not only possible, it’s EASY AND DELICIOUS! 

Along with my friends at Juice Press, I LOVE mindful eating. Here are some quick meal and snack hacks perfect for school: they’re easy to make and travel well, so you can bring them anywhere!

JP Almond Cacao Bars
JP Mango Maddness

NAO Wellness + JP Approved meals and snacks:


  • Plant Based Smoothie:
  • JP Handcrafted Soup:
    • Pack your favorite JP soup in a Yeti container that keeps your soup stay hot all day long!
  • Oat Cups:


  • Mango Madness for a naturally sweet energy boost!
  • Raw almonds, Tamari Almonds, and JP Trail Mix for sustained, on-the-go energy.
  • Ella’s Flats crackers with sunbutter packets
  • JP’s protein bars
  • Kale chips with a hint of spice and JP POP organic popcorn (feel free to eat the whole bag like I do!)
  • Apple with a sunbutter packet

Curious about tools to help you maintain these healthy eating habits? I thought of those as well!

Smart & Reusable Items for your Dorm Room

  • A small travel blender for your dorm room. This NutriBullet is cordless and small
  • A mini hot pot, sauteer, egg maker, and more by Denzin
  • Reusable food bags, in a few sizes. NAO loves this brand: Stasher 
  • Travel-size squeeze bottles for nut mylks and salad dressings (buy two, one for each)
    • I recommend having your own on hand because some nut mylks and salad dressings have unnecessary, highly processed ingredients that can weigh you down. Your own options are most likely better than what the caf uses!

Staples To Have in Your Fridge.

  • Rise oat milk
  • Yogurt
  • Veggie sticks from the cafeteria
  • Eggs (raw, or hard boiled ones from the cafeteria)
  • Primal Kitchen salad dressing

Going to a campus movie night?

Late night sweet tooth?

Coming from a new fitness class?

Look to JP for easy, delicious nutrition this school year - a checkmark for your health. Juice Press bundles are a fantastic idea for students or loved ones of any age!

JP Bundle photo

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