What’s in Nikki’s Vacation Bag?

That’s right – it’s time to get out of the winter weather & spend some time with my family on vacation! I don’t like to have to rely 100% on hotel food for myself or my family and I also like to have my nutrient-rich filled food on the ready. We chose a very family-friendly resort in the Cayman Islands and we chose a resort that is also not all-inclusive as we like to choose where we eat and I know we’ll be exploring fun restaurants around town since we got a bunch of great recommendations.


Planning is everything…

  1. Ask ahead of time for suggestions from family and friends or ask Facebook for recommendations. Our friend, Tara has been to the Caymans several times and she knows me so well that she was kind enough to send me an email with a long list of not only great restaurants our family will enjoy but also fun activities.
  2. I call the hotel and ask them Is there a fridge? Is there anything in the fridge? If they say yes, then ask them if they are open to emptying it bc I have a ton of stuff to put in there vs their pricey Coke and Pepsi. I also ask if there is a coffee machine in the room bc I LOVE my morning Joe and I love it the way I make it. Big bonus. If yes, then I bring organic coffee grinds!
  3.  I look at the hotel menus especially the ones by the pool.  Is the pool menu all fried junk? If it is, then I’ll typically go to other restaurants in the resort and grab some meals to go that I know the whole family will enjoy like fish, salad, fruit and then stick it in my cooler bag pack for later.


Here’s what I’ll be packing:

Family Plane FoodRaw Wraps filled with Safe Catch wild salmon, apples with almond butter, Quinn pretzels, sliced carrots and celery, & homemade paleo banana bread.


Snacks: Natierra freeze dried fruit, Rhythm Superfoods carrots and cauliflower bites. pistachios, Artisana nut almond butter packets, Simple Mills Crackers, & Siete bag of the Nacho flavor.


Necessities: Lairds coconut creamer powder for my coffee, Mother Raw salad dressing packets, ziplock of mixed nuts & seeds, packets of wild salmon, raw wraps (to make my own wraps), raw crunch bars, Vigilant Eats oatmeal cups, & ACV packets. And can’t forget about my backpack cooler… it’s so light, waterproof and it floats! Check them out at @icemulecoolers


Beauty: Intelligent Nutrients shampoo and conditioner, Beat it! all natural insect repellent, Beauty Counter Sunscreen and body lotion, Bronty Beauty hydrating active botanical tonics (purchase them at NAO!), and Thieves by Young Living Essential oil for immunity and germs


Fitness & Meditation on vacation are so important to me too… I will be doing a lot of swimming with Emma but I also love a good run on the beach (thanks for the playlist suggestions). After a run I love to wind down by finding a quiet spot and doing a 15-meditation. I just downloaded a 21 Day Deepak meditation that I have already started. I also will do meditation with Emma and Matt as they are super into it.




Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean I take breaks from things that make me feel right sized and oh SO good.

You can find some of these on Thrive Market, a one stop shopping experience (sign up for a membership HERE!) or on NAO Wellness’s Amazon store HERE!

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