How to change your Relationship with food in minutes!

Imagine yourself consciously choosing the “good for you” food options more times than not because you want to. Rather than following what someone told you is good or bad, you tell yourself, “I want to feel great now, AND great later, so I’ll eat X.” How we speak to ourselves about food influences our daily decisions on a micro and macro level.

When making food choices, do you choose from a place of “Lose/Win” thinking, “Win/Lose”, or “Win/Win” majority of the time? I just got you curious, didn’t I? 😉 Read through the following scenarios and be honest about which choices you tend to gravitate towards, and what results you tend to get.

“Lose/Win” is when you make a choice now that you don’t love, but for later gain. While this can lead to delayed gratification, think of it like “dieting”. You believe you are doing yourself a service in the long-run going on a diet, only you hate what you are eating and how you feel in the present, so you eventually cave and go back to the old habit. That’s one result.

“Win/Lose” means you feel great now eating certain foods, yet you also know from experience that you are going to feel crummy for the next several hours or days. Think pleasurable junk foods for momentary satisfaction. That’s another result.

“Win/Win” means you are choosing something that makes you feel great now AND later. It’s “and” rather than “or” thinking. You are loving the journey of exploring the foods you eat and what makes you feel great, knowing it’s also setting you up for long-term health success. That’s the 3rd result. Regardless of which you’ve been choosing, which sounds most appealing?

We NEED reward in the moment for habits to stick, especially when they are new! So here’s your challenge to instantly change your relationship with food: 80% of the time, you are going to start consciously choosing “Win/Win” food options. For each person, this may be a little different. Overall, we’re referencing clean, whole foods that give you great energy now, and keep your body internally happy and healthy long-term. These are foods you genuinely love.

We’re so confident that we promise if you do this challenge at least 80% of the time, you will be blown away at how easy it is to make great food choices and transform your relationship with food. We’re talking about empowered, responsible choices, rather than any shame/blame or black/white thinking. Remember this: any choice you make leads to a “result”. Aim for “Win/Wins” majority of the time and you are bound to produce more and more of the results you want for your health, permanently reprogramming how you talk to yourself about food!

If you haven’t already, please share what you think and how this experiment goes for you!

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