All-Natural Tips for Managing Your Anxiety

Everyone’s been in a situation where they’ve felt nervous. The hair on the back of your neck stood up, or your heart began beating too fast. People get nervous for countless different reasons, which is why it’s often confused with anxiety.

Anxiety is a sometimes-chronic condition that individuals experience within a wide range of intensities. Some may struggle with continually feeling the need to be productive, while others may stay in bed, unable to eat or take care of themselves. If you look for advice, you may hear people tell you to get on medication, but that doesn’t always work with health and wellness lifestyles.

You might want to ease your anxiety symptoms without getting on any daily or high dosage medications. Although it’s important to talk to your doctor about your health concerns, you can also try these all-natural tips for managing your anxiety without the help of a prescription. See if these suggestions work for you so you can enjoy your life in more fulfilling ways.


1. Relax Your Muscles


Anxiety makes you tense. You might grind your teeth while you think about something stressful or feel an ache between your shoulders at the end of a workday. Whenever you find yourself battling anxiety again, constrict and relax every muscle group.

Begin by clenching and unclenching your toes, slowly repeating the movement until you reach the muscles up to your ears. Focusing on moving each muscle group will take your mind off of what’s distressing you because it’s a type of progressive relaxation.


2. Try to Exercise


You might not be the kind of person to dream about the next time you’ll head to the gym, but you should try to exercise anyway. It’s great for your health, especially because it reduces moderate to severe anxiety symptoms, as proven in a Psychiatry Research examination. A light jog or a quick walk will ease your stress and improve other wellness aspects at the same time.


3. Learn to Meditate


Meditation is a simple practice that allows you to find your center in times of stress or confusion. It also helps with anxiety. Research the various meditative forms to see which is right for you. A recent study found different meditation strategies all decreased anxiety levels in participants because the premise is the same no matter how long you meditate. It calms your heart rate, focuses your thoughts and guides you into a peaceful state.


4. Strategize Your Schedule


Some types of anxiety might stem from not knowing what your future looks like. Many people operate on the fly, but that could hurt your mental health more than help it. Try strategizing your schedule with a planner or online calendar so you always know what to expect. Having an element of control over your life helps some with anxiety feel more balanced and less stressed.


5. Write Down Your Thoughts


Processing your thoughts is hard to do when you feel like they form an unpenetrable mental wall around you. Researchers found creative writing helped teenagers ease anxiety, which is why journaling is an excellent all-natural remedy. Write down whatever pops into your mind to see your ideas on paper. You’ll feel the release of your worries and see them for what they are. It’s one step forward toward defeating anxious thoughts and moving on with a more peaceful mindset.


6. Avoid Drinking Alcohol


People say they like to drink to have fun or relax, but drinking also comes with its fair share of stress. Afterward, you may not remember what you did or have to deal with disappointed friends and family members. Skipping alcohol is a wise way to minimize sources of anxiety. Keep your habit change a secret or participate in Dry January, which is a yearly tradition many do for various reasons.


7. Diffuse Essential Oils


It may be time to invest in an essential oil diffuser if you haven’t used one in your home before. Many wonder about their effectiveness, but essential oils relieve symptoms of anxiety when inhaled or absorbed into the skin. Turn on a diffuser the next time you feel your fears spinning out of control or take a calming bath infused with oils to ease yourself back to normal after an anxiety attack.


8. Enjoy an Herbal Tea


Many individuals living with daily anxiety symptoms enjoy helpful herbal teas to calm their spirits, like chamomile or jasmine. Add all-natural sweeteners to make them taste more appealing if you’re not used to tea on its own. They’re an organic way to rest your mind and banish side effects like a wild heartbeat and headaches. Experiment with different blends to find the ones you love most.


Discuss Options With Your Doctor


These all-natural anxiety tips help many people around the world each day, but you should always talk with your doctor about any changes in your health. They may recommend certain teas or relaxation exercises to help you with your preferred treatment method. Try different approaches to discover which work best for you, so you can personalize the way you handle and reduce your daily anxieties.


Jennifer Landis is a mom, wife, freelance writer, and the founder of Mindfulness Mama. She enjoys yoga, red wine, and drinking all of the tea she can find. Follow her on Twitter @ JenniferELandis.

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