Selenite Crystal

Enjoy the healing benefits of Selenite with a stunning hand-crafted crystal centerpiece.

If your space could use a powerful energy refresh, consider the immense healing properties that having a custom Selenite piece could bring to your office or home.

We are certain that if you’ve been to NAO Wellness, our exquisite custom Selenite crystal “fireplace” has likely caught your eye. As a stunning showpiece, it certainly sparks more than just conversation.


Selenite Benefits:

  • Relieves physical tension and anxiety
  • Calms and soothes by removing negative energy
  • Improves concentration and clarity
  • Enhances psychic awareness and connection to divine wisdom
  • Aids in self-hypnosis and meditation
  • Restores overall balance

Hand-Crafted With Love

Each pure Selenite centerpiece is completely customized and crafted by hand. That means yours is one-of-a-kind and entirely unique to you. Each also comes with five inserts for LED light or candles, allowing the facets of every Selenite strand to illuminate your space with an almost magical glow.

selenite 2

What’s so special about Selenite?

From the Ancient Greek word for moon or moonstone and the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene—Selenite is a form of the sulfate mineral, gypsum.

It’s also one of Mother Earth’s most powerful healing crystals, helping to balance the emotional body, shift energy, restore calm and clarity, ward off negativity and anxiety, purify your aura, remove blockages, and promote higher consciousness.

Purify your space and make a statement with a custom Selenite piece.

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