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Alarming Stats

“Untreated mental and physical health conditions cost American companies billions of dollars every year.“

  • 81% of employees report mental health issues due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and 3Xs increase in Anxiety.
  • Untreated depression costs employers $9,450 per employee, per year in absenteeism and lost productivity.
  • 62% of missed workdays can be attributed to mental health conditions.
  • Employees with untreated mental health conditions have a higher heart attack and stroke risk

Training & Workshops

Your employees are the heartbeat of your biz!



Interactive 45-60 minute workshops. Our nutrition education shows your team how to eat consciously and make realistic yet life-changing daily choices that will impact how employees show up at work.

From habits and mindset to using food as medicine to fuel the body, your employees will leave with actionable steps for living better which, in turn, will increase productivity in the workplace.


Interactive 60 minute workshops. Meditation & Mindfulness are powerful tools for regulating and calming the nervous system while boosting energy, creativity, and productivity. NAO's expert practitioners support your group to let go of energy blocks, facilitating deep calm and focus.



Promote movement in daily work life. NAO's certified instructors guide your group through curated classes targeted to specific goals. With virtual classes, your employees can join from anywhere.

Our simple yet challenging practices are designed to destress, energize and boost mood throughout the day. We get the body moving, endorphins flowing, and minds primed for productivity!

Additional Workshop Offerings:


Acupressure Ear Seeds

Pain Relief

Thinking Tools

Why should you hire us?

of employees believe their company's wellbeing programs helped them be as productive as possible

say employee wellbeing programs are one of the reasons they stay at their job

believe such programs helped them avoid getting sick.
~Statista 2022


Testimonials & Case Studies

"Nikki's workshop on how to stay healthy while working a demanding job was extremely well attended, with over 50 women who showed up to learn about the topic. They were super informative while keeping the workshop extremely interactive and fun. We learned a lot of useful tips about how to incorporate basic changes into our busy day-to-day lives to help improve how we feel. I found it extremely helpful to hear from the dynamic duo. I cannot recommend this workshop more for every corporation and small company alike! Looking forward to seeing what other services NAO Wellness offers."


Improve health, cognitive performance & productivity of the staff who are adjusting and adapting to the stress of working from home.

Created a 3 part interactive presentation to cover 1) movement (stretching from a certified fitness trainer), 2) nutrition to address cooking at home, real life solutions, followed by 3) sound healing and meditation. All attendees were sent a workbook that included recipes, stretches, mediation tips, and much more.

Decrease in stress, improved mood, and nutrition choices at home.

"The workshop was very well received. I’m loving the feedback. You ladies are AMAZING. This workshop is exactly what people need during this difficult time. It is surprisingly beyond my expectation. I tried a lot of meditations before but not the same as this one. I can see from people’s comments that they liked and appreciated this session as well. The workshop was well-run with a variety of content, so I am sure everyone had good takeaways from it. Thank you for accommodating us last minute. This was very timely and I appreciate the work you and your team put in to make it happen!"


"RELX has partnered with NAO Wellness for the past two years. Nikki is wonderful to work with, she is passionate and knowledgeable about her work and has built an incredible team to back her mission. Her coaches are highly credentialed and personable. Nikki has been flexible in helping RELX create the nutrition initiatives that best suit our organizational goals and our corporate population. We will continue this partnership into the future! "


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24-Hour Cancellation Policy

We kindly request that all changes to appointments be made by calling 646-830-4423. Services must be rescheduled or cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Cancellations and reschedules made after this time will result in the full price of the session.

We do our very best to accommodate all of our clients. A late arrival may limit our ability to completely deliver your originally scheduled service. Clients who are more than fifteen minutes late for an appointment may forfeit their reservation. Late arrivals resulting in a shortened or forfeited appointment are responsible for the full price of the original scheduled services.

Sauna Sales

All Infrared Sauna sales are final and non-refundable. Please ask any questions prior to purchasing a sauna. We will support you as best as possibly during the installation of your new sauna.

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