Reiki Energy Healing

Balance your mind and body with the healing power of Reiki. Now with M-Technique and your choice of Aromatherapy or CBD Oil.

Reiki is a powerful, hands-on, ancient Japanese healing technique that channels and clears energy. When you come in for a session, our highly skilled Reiki healer will assess and balance your chakras by acting as a conduit between you and the universal energy field.

In Reiki, the “life force” or energy that flows through us is called Ki. When Ki flows effortlessly, we experience a sense of well-being. We feel healthy, happy, and optimistic about the future.

When the flow of Ki is disrupted, it weakens the functioning of organs and tissues, causing your mind and body to feel unbalanced. It often shows up in the form of pain, illness, stress, anxiety, negative behavior, or an overall pessimistic state of being.


  • Alleviates physical pain, anxiety, and depression
  • Reduces stress and increases relaxation
  • Triggers immune functionality for better sleep and improved overall health
  • Balances the mind and emotions, enhancing mood, memory and mental clarity while calming fear, frustration and negative habits
  • Speeds recovery from surgery or long-term illness and can even prevent them from occurring
  • Heightens energy, intuition, and connection to higher consciousness

About M-Technique with Aromatherapy or CBD Oil

M-Technique or Manual Technique is a series of smooth manual movements that has been described as ‘physical hypnotherapy.'  
M-Technique sends signals to the brain to release endorphins, promoting relaxation. M-technique can be performed on skin or through thin clothing and used in conjunction with Aromatherapy, CBD oil, and other healing modalities.
Aromatherapy, or, Essential Oil therapy, utilizes natural aromatic essences from plants and flowers to balance, harmonize and promote the health and healing of body, mind and spirit. Essential oils have been used for centuries as an antibacterial, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic to calm an upset stomach, relieve aches and pains, and also promote relaxation and tranquility. Application of CBD (cannabidoidal) oil is therapeutic for decreasing inflammation and arthritic pain without side effects. The topical application of cannabinoids allows it to be absorbed into the affected area for faster and more focused relief.

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Sara Choi, Holistic Nurse and Reiki Master

As a registered nurse for over twelve years, Sara's grown to know the importance of making health and wellness a priority. After witnessing the consequences that can occur when self-care is not a daily focus, Sara began journeying toward what it means to be well all around: body, mind, and spirit.

Having suffered back and shoulder pain for over ten years, she recalled how her father integrated treatments like acupuncture, cupping, massage, sauna, prayer, and meditation into his health care. Whenever Sara was unwell or stressed, her parents would place their hands on her and pray. She always felt a sense of ease, peace and decreased discomfort. Remembering this, she knew had to reconnect to her healing roots.

After over a decade of experience as a Certified ER Nurse, Sara continued her Post B.S. (University of Texas) studies in Holistic Nursing at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Sara also studied Healing Touch, through Healing Beyond Borders and studied Reiki under Reiki Masters Manu Del Prete and Aki Hirata Baker. Sara is also an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach through the International Nurse Coach Association and has a background in Clinical Nutrition under the Institute of Functional Medicine at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts.

Stephanie Lin, M.A. Buddhism, Columbia; Intuitive Reiki Healer and Certified Life Coach

Stephanie Lin is an intuitive Reiki healer, Certified Life Coach, and spiritual guide. In 2012, after almost a decade pursuing doctoral studies and academic research in Buddhism, her path expanded to include coaching, alternative healing, and esoteric spirituality.

During Reiki sessions, Stephanie guides clients into a meditative state to relax and receive the Reiki energy flowing through her hands, as well as connect to their own intuition and the innate ability of their bodies to heal and move into balance. She sees her healing work as a partnership between herself and the client, and her intention is to support people to shift their reality by opening their hearts, harnessing the power of mind, and activating and sharing their soul's gifts with their community.

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