Infrared Sauna + Chromotherapy

SO MANY BENEFITS, SO LITTLE TIME. Imagine getting all the healthy benefits of the sun without the risk of solar radiation. That's what you get with our infrared saunas. These are just some of the widely known health benefits of FULL SPECTRUM INFRARED SAUNA with CHROMOTHERAPY: Burns 300-600 calories per 30-minute session Alleviates joint and muscle pain by reducing inflammation Decreases blood pressure Relieves stress, elevates mood, and improves sense of well being Aids digestive health, speeds metabolism, and promotes weight loss Boosts immunity by releasing harmful toxins through sweat glands Stimulates collagen and improves blood flow to the skin, reducing cellulite and wrinkles Improves cardiovascular and circulatory function Promotes lymphatic function (responsible for releasing toxins) Speeds recovery and healing of otherwise slow-healing wounds Stimulates focus and mental acuity Improves sleep and balances Circadian rhythm Slows the effects of aging by decreasing free radicals NOT ALL SAUNAS ARE ALIKE. Traditional saunas simply heat the air around you. You sweat on the surface, but it's not heating you at your core, and at temps up to 200 degrees, most people can only withstand a few minutes at a time. The hot air is also a breeding ground for bacteria. Far Infrared saunas heat your body from deep within, reaching your blood vessels and raising your internal temperature up to 60% more than with a regular sauna without heating the air around you. That has you last longer, sweat out more toxins, and reap more amazing health benefits. Infrared saunas PLUS chromotherapy. Chromotherapy or color therapy has been used for centuries—by the Mayans, ancient Egyptians, and in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine—to elevate mood, alleviate stress, stimulate mental acuity, boost immunity, repair muscle tissue, improve joint function, and slow the aging process. That trend continues today as major lighting companies, like GE and Philips continue adding phototherapeutic products to their rosters. OUR SAUNAS: Are designed and endorsed by doctors and holistic practitioners Are made of eco-certified cedar Are built with furniture-grade craftsmanship and ergonomically designed for comfort Along with the inherent benefits of your infrared sauna session, here are some add-ons to enhance your experience. Relax with some spirit-centering reading materials Slippers Inside your room, you'll also find a bottle of electrolytes. Squeeze 5 drops into your water for a boost of the minerals you'll be sweating out. Shower with non-toxic products from Intelligent Nutrients