FREE Fertility Guidance from Experts!


FREE Fertility Guidance from Experts!


Fertility is a gift from nature.  While it’s true the body “knows what to do” in the most magical and mystical way, the process of conception and birth can still feel overwhelmingly complex.  Not to mention that getting and staying pregnant to term while also nourishing yourself and your growing baby has become far more complicated than ever before.


Between the “myths and truths” of conception techniques, birth control use, dietary advice and supplements, environmental toxins and more, it’s no wonder women come to us confused and at times, frustrated and defeated.  But even though the process itself can be complex, it’s time we give the body what it needs to do its job.  We focus on simplifying so you can enjoy the journey! 


Let’s start with a little “cycle education 101”.  We’ve partnered with The Women’s Health Experts, Viva Eve, to break down the different phases of your cycle and how to best nourish your mind, body and soul during each phase. 


“Timing can play a pivotal role in trying to conceive,” says Dr. Nithya Gopal, Director of Ob/Gyn at Viva Eve. “In fact, the timing of intercourse during a woman’s menstrual cycle can solve many of the challenges women face when trying to get pregnant.”


Are you aware that you aren’t fertile every day of the month, and that you have four unique phases to your cycle?  They include your Menstrual phase (when you bleed), Follicular Phase (the 7-10 days after you finish bleeding), Ovulatory Phase (the time of the month you are Ovulating and fertile!), Luteal Phase (the 10-14 days after Ovulation).  


You’ll notice there are many different hormones that come into play and that at each phase of your cycle, you are NOT the same!  Have you ever felt the desire to “nest” during your Luteal phase and do more gentle activities, while your Follicular phase brings greater energy and desire to be social and outgoing?  Our brain and communication are impacted by this hormonal symphony!


I can’t tell you how many times simply telling clients this simple truth brings them such relief!  You WILL feel differently at each phase of your cycle, mentally, physically, and emotionally, but PMS symptoms and extreme highs and lows are not “normal”. Nor is PMS something you simply have to live with or go on birth control to suppress. 


“A woman’s cycle can range anywhere from 21-35 days. And as mentioned above, your menstrual cycle is not one -size-fits-all. You may experience different cycle lengths, symptoms or feelings than anyone else.  What’s important to remember is that you need to get to know your body,” says Dr. Gopal, ObGyn at Viva Eve.


Everything we do from the food we put into our body to our exercise routine to the amount of stress in our lives impacts each phase, and each phase impacts whether or not we’ll be able to conceive that particular month.  It’s not about optimizing your sexual position or the Ovulatory days of your cycle alone.


Women aren’t linear and weren’t built to function in a linear fashion.  We are not meant to do the exact same exercise routine daily.  If you feel exhausted from your “Cross-fit” routine or are pushing yourself to hit specific macros while ignoring your female hormonal health needs, it’s time to start listening to the wisdom of your cycle.  We were built in a similar fashion to the moon and the four seasons.  Each phase has its purpose and can function optimally to support our greatest well-being!


Did you know that you can eat to support each of the phases?  We’re talking alkaline, whole foods that promote the reduction of inflammation and optimal function.  Warming grounding foods and eating in conjunction with nature depending on the season and where we live. 


“The fetus is going to get the nutrients it needs for survival one way or another. If you’re not thinking about how to keep yourself nourished, the fetus will pull the nutrients it needs from your body’s tissue and bones.” ~Gina Benson, NAO Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Doola, and Yoga Instructor


Here’s an example of a warm, grounding meal from our Ayurvedic Nutritionist Gina:

  • Rotisserie chicken 🍗
  • Cooked vegetables (leftovers to simplify!) 🍲
  • Gluten-free grains like quinoa, amaranth, or buckwheat provide additional nutrients and fiber
  • Healthy fat like avocado, which is great for your uterus! 🥑

Simultaneously, we want you to avoid foods that promote inflammation in the body and can make it far more difficult to conceive with ease, such as processed foods, soda, and sugars like refined cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup, high amounts of sodium, excess alcohol, and other potential inflammatory drivers such as gluten, dairy, etc.


“Favoring a whole food, nutrient-dense diet is not only crucial in conception, pregnancy and postpartum but for life in general.” ~Gina Benson


At the same time, our diets are not perfect.  Our soil’s nutrients have depleted over the years from pesticides, farming practices, and other environmental factors, so we are fans of supplementing to cover any potential nutrient gaps above and beyond a nutrient-dense diet.  This includes a great prenatal vitamin, probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, and more.


Have we piqued your curiosity?  Are you wanting more information on how to help your body function optimally so you can conceive with ease?  Join us Tuesday, February 1st 6-7pm for FREE on Zoom where we’ll be discussing the best fertility guidance available today with experts from NAO and Viva Eve!  





You’ll be learning…

  • How to go off Birth Control for healthy fertility and conception
  • How to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually for conception
  • Before and after meal ideas so you and your growing baby are nourished during AND post-birth!
  • Why certain nutrients are so necessary to your health and the health of your baby, and how to get them
  • What tests are available and supportive for successful conception
  • Myths and Truths- getting questions answered by an established Gynecologist and Nutritionist, and ending the rabbit hole of google searches and isolated research

It’s time to reclaim the natural cycle of fertility and trust the process.  It really does “take a village” of love and support to conceive and raise healthy babies.  You are not alone!  We are here for you and can’t wait to support you towards your goal of healthy pregnancy and birth!

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