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Nutritional & Holistic Wellness Coaching

NAO offers one-on-one counseling sessions in person, over the phone or via email. Packages provide the ongoing support needed to create positive, lasting change. We'll work at your pace so you move through the process with ease and confidence.

Sessions include:

  • Diet analysis, nutritional roadmap, and intro to new foods and eating styles
  • Self-care strategies & tips for mindfulness, meditation, and holistic wellness
  • Educational, support group, and product recommendations
  • Self-help, inspirational and cookbooks for your healthful library
  • Customized weekly nutrition plans that are delicious and promote weight loss
  • Stress-relief and fitness tips that boost energy!
  • Guided trips to the grocery store, shopping lists, and cooking demonstrations
  • Unlimited email access to Nikki between sessions
  • Information, articles, handouts, recipes, and much more!

Food Allergy, Intolerance, and Sensitivity Testing: ALCAT

Discover the truth about what you're consuming and whether it could be causing negative symptoms. The ALCAT is widely considered the most advanced and comprehensive food allergy and sensitivity test available. Find out more.

Shop, cook, eat!

Want a lightning fast and interactive way to take the healthy plunge? Join me for a personalized, hands-on trip down nutrition lane. After an initial consultation to assess your needs, we'll head to the market for some fun and informative shopping.

Back at my Tribeca apartment, I'll help you get down and dirty in the kitchen as we experiment with tasty new flavors and ingredients. Your cooking session can be scheduled a la carte, or as an add-on to any NAO package.


As toxins build up within our bodies, they cause fatigue, premature aging, inflammation, weakened immunity, digestive discomfort, and even disease.

Detoxification—also known as cleansing—is a method used for centuries to eliminate these toxins, allowing it to function optimally. When done right, it can be absolutely transformative.

External toxins can be found in foods we consume, products we use, and even the air we breathe. Internal toxins develop in response to everyday cellular processes, like stress.

You'll learn what simple foods and flavors, herbs and tonics promote detoxification safely, effectively, and naturally.

Take our Cleanse Quiz:

1. Are you showing premature signs of aging?
2. Have you noticed a decrease in energy?
3. Do you suffer from allergies?
4. Are you often irritated by minor things?
5. Do you deal with chronic aches & pains?
6. Is your digestion on the slow side?
7. Do you suffer bouts of depression or anxiety?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you can benefit from one of NAO Wellness's Detox & Cleansing Programs. Contact us now for more info.

Corporate Wellness Workshop

Unhealthy, unproductive employees affect your business' bottom line. But have no fear— profound improvements in energy, concentration, and mood are as close as the kitchen.

NAO's Corporate Wellness Workshop will show your staff how eating better means feeling better. They'll learn simple yet valuable tools to implement at work, on the go, and at home. No more energy drink addictions, caffeine crashes, or binge-eating through lunch.

Learn how nutrition can:

  • Increase productivity—and profits!
  • Reduce absenteeism, slash turnover, and lower healthcare costs
  • Naturally boost energy, focus, mood, and morale
  • Control food cravings and reduce stress throughout the day
  • Create in-office incentives and initiatives
  • Promote teamwork and community
  • Implement simple, realistic changes, and improve overall health
  • Educate and empower you staff for life

What would your office look like if everyone were happier, healthier, and more balanced? Find out now. Ask me how we can customize your wellness presentations and corporate boot camp.

Family Affair

Teach your family the value of nutrition through hands-on, interactive info sessions. As your resident "nutritional nanny," I'll show you how to set your family up for a lifetime of healthy eating—without breaking the bank.

First, we'll assess your needs, declare your goals, and create a game plan that's workable, realistic, and fun. Next, we'll tackle your fridge, pantry, and anywhere else you're stashing the goods. Then I'll provide a weekly budgeted shopping list and some easy recipes for foods the whole family will love!

The results: Family meals will no longer be unhealthy, uninspired, or expensive!

Pre & Post Natal

NAO offers specialized nutritional packages for moms-to-be, women who are working towards pregnancy, and those who have recently delivered. Optimizing your nutrition during these periods can impact conception rates, the health of your pregnancy, and the long-term health of your baby. It's also a great time to revamp your diet and implement habits that benefit the overall health of your family.

Discover the impact of food on your hormones, immune system, energy level, sleep, and overall well-being. Learn which foods to avoid and which ones your body needs for optimal breast feeding, restoring depleted nutrients, and returning to your prepregnancy weight.

NAO provides the guidance and information you need to feel confident, comfortable, and supported—wherever you are in the process.

Bridal Boot Camp

Your wedding day is one of the most significant of your life. This three month boot camp will get you in shape and give you the ability to manage the inevitable stress of all that planning and anticipation.

The results will have you looking your best, feeling energized, and fully present to enjoy every moment of your milestone. Sign up as a couple or as a fun farewell to your single self!


Transforming your health can seem overwhelming at first. If you're anything like me, you learn best by putting things into practice in your everyday environment.

That's why I created the VIP Package. It allows us to work one-on-one in your space, so you can go from insight to action in real time. We'll take a look at what's going on in your kitchen, uncover potential pitfalls, and put simple steps in place that set you up for success.

The process is totally customizable and insanely fun! Check out the options below, or suggest one of your own. All packages begin with a comprehensive assessment to chart the best course of action. With me in your corner—and in your kitchen—you'll be unstoppable!

Your VIP package can include:

  • Get Your Grocery Shop Groove On: Get first-hand tips on how to read a food label, ingredients to avoid, and brands I love.
  • Prep Yo'self: Post food shop meal preps that may even include some light cooking.
  • Meal Maps: Your weekly meal plan — all mapped out!
  • Ninja Knife Skills + Other Metal Objects: It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a baster! Master your fear of those oddly-shaped utensils.
  • Appliance Science (Or: The Art of Appliances): Learn how the right approach can turn your appliances into your friends ;)
  • Kitchen cleanup: Revamp your pantry, fridge, and freezer. I'll crack the whip and tell you what can stay and what should be banished forever.
  • Kitchen Flow 2.0: Optimize your space and have your kitchen work for you.

Ask me about adding one or more of these services to other packages.

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